Josh Duff

I've spent over a decade building desktop and web applications for various industries. I turn customer needs into technical specs and deliver software slowly and steadily over many small iterations/deliverables.

I've delivered software solutions by myself, and as a member of small teams.

I have experience with large web frameworks, but am comfortable building a toolbox out of composable libraries. I have worked with various database systems, but spend the most time with MySQL.

Previous employers

Cake (consumer software), 2016-2017 (remote)

With two other developers, added features and fixed bugs to get the node.js/Express/React app Cake closer to shipping.

eDataSource (email marketing industry), 2013-2016 (remote)

ISoft Data Systems (car parts and heavy truck parts industries), 2005-2013

In roughly chronological order:

As the sole phone support tech during my first year at ISoft:

For a long-form description of my time at ISoft, click here.

Open source

Larger projects

An arbitrary selection of my smaller libraries

For a more complete list of libraries I've published, see


I have written a few posts related to my software projects:

Familiar Technologies

Delivered products/features using:

I'm particularly interested in the chance to work with Clojure, Elm, Elixir, or other languages focused on simplicity through pure functions.